The Birth of the Glow: BIO

Kaylah “Queen Kayy” CooleyWelcome to the Glow

Kaylah “ Queen Kayy” CooleyGrowing & Glowing essentials is all things luxury self care, healing, self love, spiritual, journey to self one stop metaphysical and wellness shop. Birthed in my darkest moments growing & glowing is the personification of trusting the journey. We must first grow to get the glow. 

About the Owner 🔮💫💜

Kaylah “Queen Kayy” Cooley

In 2011 Kaylah moved to Los Angeles with her graduation money in her pocket and began her promising academic career at California State University, Northridge. She completed her Bachelor’s in 2016 in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Family Studies. She then continued her studies at CSUN for her master’s of science in Marriage and Family Therapy.

She had no idea what she was in for. The emotional demands of being a marriage and family therapist in graduate school and working full time-was almost more than she could bear.

Kaylah “ Queen Kayy” Cooley

Growing and Glowing was birthed in 2020 following one of the most difficult years of her life. In 2019 while she was in her final year of graduate school in marriage and family therapy, she was very overwhelmed by the demands of school and also nannying full time. So far away from her passion, she contemplated taking her own life but decided to live in her light instead.

Kaylah “ Queen Kayy” Cooley

2020 blessed Kaylah to focus solely on herself and exercise radical self-care. She focused on healing herself from the inside out and realized that so much more goes into our wellness than she was even being taught in school as a therapist. Kaylah decided that she would heal herself and then help others heal themselves. Her passion has always been helping others and creativity is a must for her purpose.

 Kaylah “ Queen Kayy” Cooley

Growing & Glowing Essesntials is everything self-love, luxury self-care, growth, and wellness. We offer Ancestor Messages, Life Coaching, incense, Intention oils, crystal jewelry, and our NEW ATHLEISURE Line DROPPING THIS SUMMER🚨!!!!